What to Pack for Morocco Vacation

What to pack for Morocco is a question that usually comes to the mind of every traveler, especially those who come to visit Morocco for a long vacation each traveler believes that he must bring all of his belongings with him as he won’t find what he needs in Morocco but we would like to clarify that this thing is not accurate at all as Morocco is rich with all of the necessary daily items that you can find anywhere but of course there are some exceptions that you should probably bring with so that you don’t need anything and don’t find. Here are the important things to pack with you for Morocco:

What To Pack For Morocco In The Summer

Many people struggle to figure out what to pack for Morocco in the summer, here are the main tips that you should keep in mind regarding the things that you should pack with you before coming to Morocco?

Sunscreen Lotion

Although the majority of tourists who come to visit Morocco in summer seek to have a tan, they can also face the problem of getting a sunburn. Such a matter can totally wreck & ruin your vacation only because they may fail to realize the true heart of the sun in Morocco believing that it is not a big deal so packing a sunscreen lotion is a major thing and it is also easy to get in Morocco anywhere so feel free to pack it with you or not.


One of the essential things what to pack for Morocco is surely your sunglasses whether you are planning to book a Desert tour or an overland tour through which you will be face-to-face with the incredible Moroccan attractions. So to be able to tour around these attractions and not face any problems regarding the sun, you should bring a pair of sunglasses with an Ultra-high UV rating and the most interesting thing here is that you can purchase any sunglasses you want in Morocco as you will find a lot of shops and stores that offer a wide variety of types, sizes, and shapes of these sunglasses in totally acceptable rates.

Water Holder

What to Pack for Morocco Vacation - Necessary Morocco Packing List

Staying hydrated in Morocco is the most important thing ever as it is somehow hot there and you need to drink water all through your stay in Morocco. It is highly recommended not to drink tap water so you can buy mineral water anywhere you are in Morocco and surely while booking one of our Morocco Tours Packages, you will enjoy a free good quality canteen during your tour.

What To Pack For Morocco Regarding Travel Accessories

To the seasoned traveler to Morocco, the following list may seem almost too basic, but if this is your first travel to Morocco, it should come in handy. This is a list of the best travel accessories to make your life easier when you are on a vacation in Morocco.

Your Cell Phone & Camera

What to Pack for Morocco Vacation - Necessary Morocco Packing List

No doubt a camera will be at the top of what to pack for Morocco list

Extra Bag

Morocco is the best place to find the best souvenirs to take with you back home. so if you wondering what to pack for Morocco souvenirs, you need to bring an extra bag with you in case of getting a lot of items that you can arrange in one bag and you can find all types of bags with different, shapes, and colors with totally reasonable prices.

Comfortable Footwear

What to Pack for Morocco Vacation - Necessary Morocco Packing List

You should pack with you something comfortable to wear on your foot as you will need to walk for long distances and the last thing you need to get in Morocco is foot ache. Try to bring walking shoes that are made from lightweight nylon or a similar fabric just like tennis shoes or similar. You will find in Morocco a lot of shoe shops that offer a wide variety of walking shoes that you can buy at very reasonable prices.


What to Pack for Morocco Vacation - Necessary Morocco Packing List

This is considered one of the most important things that you should put at the top of your What to pack for Morocco list as you may not find the exact medicine that you are used to talking while being abroad. So in order to avoid any confusion regarding your prescribed medicine, try to bring your prescribed medicine with you. You will find in Morocco many non-prescribed medications but we highly recommend bringing with you your regular medication. In order to avoid Tut’s Trot, try to bring with you some Imodium or a similar anti-diarrheic just in case of facing any diarrheic.


Morocco is a big country that has several sites and destination to spend your vacation in so in order not to miss any of these truly essential sites while touring Morocco, you must have a guidebook with a map to all of these sites and how long does it take to be there, the duration of each visit, and so on. We highly recommend accompanying a private tour guide who knows exactly what are the tourist sites that you should visit and the duration of each tour in order not to be rushed.

Power Adapters

It is a truly important item to pack with you especially if you are going to be away for a long time and for your info, Morocco uses a 220-volt power supply system and we highly recommend verifying this prior while packing for your adventure in Morocco.


Cigarettes are always available and inexpensive in Morocco but the kind of the Moroccan cigarettes is far different from the American ones and a lot of tourists complained that the Moroccan cigarettes are harsher than the ones in their home countries so you have to know that if you are going to buy Marlboro in Morocco that it is not the same one in your country.