Your Guide to the Moroccan weather around the year

Morocco Weather Around The Year

Morocco weather: Morocco is a wonderful country; surely you already know its impressive Attractions or the beauty of its history and the vestiges of Imperials cities and all the culture that this entails… But surely if you are reading this article all this you already know it and what you want to know is something that it is necessary to bear in mind that in any trip, it is necessary to know to choose suitably the best epoch of the year to travel to Morocco and to enjoy this way to the maximum the vacations. In this article, we explain to you which are the best times to travel to Morocco.

If you want to travel to Morocco, you must bear in mind that what the prices reflect is that the peak period is in winter, from December to February, whereas the low period is in summer, from June to August.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Morocco, one of the most important factors to consider is the issue of climate. Temperatures there vary greatly, both between seasons and between day and night.

Morocco’s climate has two seasons, a mild winter from November to April and a hot, dry summer from May to October.

Morocco Weather By Month:


Day time temperature

The temperature at night

Morocco Weather January

19 ℃

7 ℃

Morocco Weather February

21 ℃

8 ℃

Morocco Weather March

24 ℃

11 ℃

Morocco Weather April

26 ℃

13 ℃

Morocco Weather May

28 ℃

15 ℃

Morocco Weather June

34 ℃

19 ℃

Morocco Weather July

38 ℃

22 ℃

Morocco Weather August

37 ℃

21 ℃

Morocco Weather September

32 ℃

19 ℃

Morocco Weather October

28 ℃

16 ℃

Morocco Weather November

24 ℃

12 ℃

Morocco Weather December

20 ℃

9 ℃


Morocco Weather In Spring: March To May

It’s the best time to travel to Morocco. No longer cold and not yet hot, the foliage comes out and brings some greenery to the country. March offers perfect conditions for visiting the Sahara Desert as well as the Atlas Mountains. It’s also a great season to visit places like Marrakech, Fes, and their surrounding attractions. The small town of El Kelaa M’Gouna hosts a popular rose festival during spring, or head to the Sahara desert. sandstorms during the spring months can be quite powerful due to the Sirocco wind that blows through the region at that time.

Summer In Morocco: June To August

The weather in Morocco is very hot for travelers but can be a little cooler along the coast, so you’ll want to head there to get a break from the heat. Additionally, many interior regions can be much cooler in the mornings and evenings, so if you’re traveling to the Sahara desert or Marrakesh, you should prepare for both hot days and cool nights. No matter where you go.

Autumn In Morocco: September To November

The strong bite of the sun eases makes autumn The most recommended season for visiting Morocco, especially popular places like the Merzouga desert, Fes & Marrakech where it’s a much more pleasant experience to explore the medinas. Snow starts to fall on the Atlas Mountains at the end of autumn and continues until April. Feeling romantic? Celebrate with up to 40 couples who will get hitched at the same time at the Berber Imilchil Marriage Feast.

Morocco Winter Weather: December To February

Winter lasts from December to March; The nights are very chilly during Moroccan winters, particularly in areas like the Rif Mountains where there’s snow. Head south for warmer weather or embrace the cold and ski near Marrakech at Oukaimeden. There are plenty of surf camps and even a surf festival to take advantage of the awesome Atlantic breaks.

What You Should Take With You While You Visit Morocco?

So, if you ask me what to wear, the answer is that it depends on the type of trip you take. For example, if your trip to Morocco is in the summer, but you plan to spend the night in the desert, you will need warm clothes even if it seems crazy during the day. It is recommended to take cotton clothes, loose, and warm clothes for the night. It is convenient to take simple clothes that cover most of the body to prevent the effects of the sun, as well as comfort and shoes and a hat.