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Morocco Tour Packages

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Make better use of your vacation and Travel to Morocco and experience Morocco tour packages for Group Tours or Private Tours. We offer the best Morocco tours with the best price including Desert tours, and Imperial cities tours. We have a wide range for Morocco Holiday Packages, choose your favorite Morocco tour packages, and make your dream come true with Viajes Morocco.

Through Morocco tour packages, you’ll know the real meaning of having fun and you’ll also reach the level of singularity you’re going to gain after experiencing one of our Morocco vacation packages, you will get the opportunity you have been waiting for and fulfill your desire to have the ultimate holiday with our Morocco vacation packages which is exactly what you are looking for.it variety of tours, Luxury Morocco Tours, Deep Morocco Tours, Morocco Honeymoon Packages, Cheap Packages To Morocco,

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Luxury Morocco Tours

With our Luxury Morocco Tours, You will have the most memorable time in your life. Our experienced Moroccan based Company will offer you the greatest luxury holidays in Morocco. 

Deep Morocco Tours

Deep Morocco Tours: If you looking for Experience the true meaning of charm and beauty this means you should book a deep Morocco Tours.

Cheap Packages To Morocco

We provide you with a wide array of itineraries tailor-made for travelers that they have a limited budget at prices that no Travel Company can offer.

Morocco Honeymoon Packages

Whether its romance, adventure, or a mix of both that you’re looking for, these Morocco Honeymoon Packages offer great deals on all kinds of tours…

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Discover Morocco through these two-day tours, you will visit the best tourist attractions in Morocco.

If you are looking for a new adventure that eliminates the daily routine, these 3-day Moroccan tours will enable you to visit the best Moroccan attractions.

Discover Morocco in 4 days and visit the best tourist places to know more about Moroccan history. Book now and start your Moroccan adventure!

5 Days In Morocco - Morocco Tour Packages

If you are looking for a new adventure that eliminates the daily routine, these 5-days Moroccan tours to visit the best Moroccan attractions.

7 Days In Morocco - Morocco Tour Packages

Morocco is full of wonderful tourist places, you can now discover those places through our selection of seven days in Morocco that we offer.

Discover Morocco in 10 Days and visit famous places such as the Sahara desert, Marrakech, Fes, Chefchaouen, Casablanca, Rabat, and more…

15 Days In Morocco - Morocco Tour Packages

What if you could discover Morocco and visit its best tourist places within fifteen days ?! Book now with Viajes Morocco Agency and find out!

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Do you feel baffled about choosing the finest destination you can visit or plan a worthy ideal tour? here are the best travel blogs which will assist you in planning unforgettable Morocco tours from any destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit Morocco?

Yes, it is very safe Morocco is the embodiment of one of the safest countries in the world, thanks to the combination of the country where the crime rate is very low and its government that is always proactive in protecting their guests and locals.

What to Pack for Your Morocco Tour?

You should bring a brimmed hat and sunglasses if you not used to the Moroccan sun &pack everything you could ever need and put in a small bag so you could move easily between your destinations.

Why book with Viajes Morocco?

We have experience in vacation planning for more than 10 years & our staff consists of the most professional operators, guides, and drivers who dedicate all of their time & effort create the perfect vacation. All of our tours are customized by Travel, Financial & Time advisors to fit your every possible need during your time in Morocco. we always keep in mind that your safety & comfort are our main priority until you return home.

When it is rainy season in Morocco?

Morocco’s rainy season begins in November and runs through March, and parts of the country even get cold enough for snow to fall on the highest peaks. However, while this season is wet for Morocco, there’s still just an average of 2 inches of rain per month.

How many days do you need in Morocco?

Morocco in 5-7 Days

A few more days in Morocco means that you can cover more ground in the country. Or that you can linger longer in a particularly fascinating destination like Fes, a city that ends up becoming a favorite of many travelers.

What is the best time of year to go to Marrakech?

Best Times to Visit Marrakech. The best times to visit Marrakech are from March to May and between September and November. These shoulder seasons are known for their desirable weather (with average daytime temps in the low 70s to low 90s) and affordable hotel rates.

What is the coldest month in Morocco?

The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (18.4°C). The month with the highest average low temperature is August (20.1°C). The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is January (5.9°C).

Which is better Fez or Marrakech?

Souk is indeed market (there are local and tourist souks) and you could spend quite some time in the Marrakech souk. Marrakech also has D’Jemma al Fna which is unique in Morocco. … Weather is never predictable but generally, you can expect Marrakech to be warmer than Fez.

Should I Give Tips in Morocco?

Tips are not mandatory, but are welcome, it will always be helpful. There is no specific amount of tips it is given depend on the generosity and the capability of customers without forgetting the satisfaction of the service provided by the staff (drivers and guides).

What is the Best Time of Visit Morocco?

Morocco is perfect for travel all year long! Given the country’s geographic variety, there is always a region where the climate is mild. We can recommend the best destination for you based on the weather and your travel dates. In winter, you’ll want to head south to the desert. Nights can be chilly but during the day you’ll enjoy the sun and blue skies bereft of clouds. In summer, the Atlantic coast is generally balmy and it is the best season for treks in the Atlas. At over 1800m in altitude freshness is a safe bet! That being said, nothing is stopping you from discovering the Moroccan desert as long as you choose the right accommodation and can adapt to the heat.

Can l use my Visa debit card in Morocco?

Upmarket restaurants, shops and hotels or riads in Morocco usually accept debit cards. Those that do are most likely to accept Visa or MasterCard however may apply a surcharge to cover the cost of processing your transaction. Amex is not a popular card.

How should I dress?

Morocco is much more western in dress than ever before. Although it is still a dominantly Islamic country, it’s best to cover yourself outside the large city centers. The locals here are truly used to seeing tourists, and you’ll never feel uncomfortable or out of place. They’re glad you’re here. In the hot summer months, we’d suggest you wear light, loose, cotton, or linen to stay as cool as possible. A hat or turban is a must in the sun to protect your head against the heat and sun. You look cool, we promise. In autumn and spring, a light jacket or fleece is recommended; the evenings can be quite cool when the sun goes down! In winter, warm clothing is a must.

Can I use US dollars in Morocco?

There is no black money market in Morocco. … Euros and (US and CAD – not Australian) dollars are always accepted in Morocco and you will save time bringing cash, doing away with long slow bank lineups or non-active cash machines to acquire dirhams. You can also use your debit card at bank machines.

Can I use my Visa debit card in Morocco?

Upmarket restaurants, shops and hotels or riads in Morocco usually accept debit cards. Those that do are most likely to accept Visa or MasterCard however may apply a surcharge to cover the cost of processing your transaction. Amex is not a popular card.

Does I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be obtained before leaving your country of origin. We don’t force anyone to purchase it. Local hospitals have limited diagnostic capability. Private clinics can be expensive, evacuation can cost a lot and luggage can disappear, so insurance is a good idea.

Will I have internet access in Morocco?

Internet cafes are widely popular in Morocco, making it easy for visitors to access the internet. Internet Café’s generally open early and close late, and usually charge approximately 3-5 Dirhams per hour. Many hotels also offer wireless access.

Can I drink in Morocco?

Although a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco is not dry. Alcohol is available in restaurants, liquor stores, bars, supermarkets clubs, hotels, and discos. Some Moroccans enjoy a drink although it is disapproved in public places. The local brew of choice carries the highly original name of Casablanca Beer.

What is the legal drinking age in Morocco?

The legal drinking age is 18

How to Enjoy Morocco During Ramadan?

Ramadan is a special time of year for Muslims that should be celebrated by non-Muslims and feel the essence of the Islamic culture. You can fast with the Muslim or just observe but you are always welcome to join the celebrations and festivals.